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Our Advanced Courses are designed for experienced divers who want to improve their skills and take on new challenges. We'll teach you advanced techniques and knowledge to help you become a better diver. Our instructors are experienced and passionate about scuba diving, and we're here to help you every step of the way. Take a look at our course offerings and sign up today!

Advanced Courses

Nitrox Diver

Open up the under water world even more with Nitrox diving.

Night & Limited Visibility

Explore the underwater world you know, but now at night.

River Diving

Learn about how to dive a river safely, navigate a river, and determining if the area of the river is safe to dive.

1st Aid, CPR & AED

NAUI/DAN First Air & CPR life support

Perfect Buoyancy

Expand your knowledge about Buoyancy control

Deep Diver

Explore even deeper into the unknown and go below 20 meters.

Independent Diver

Learn the knowledge and skills needed to safely and comfortably dive without a designated dive buddy using redundant gas supplies.

EO2 Provider

NAUI/DAN Oxygen Provider Course


Expand your knowledge to better navigate

Full Face Mask

The full face mask expands a diver's field of view

Diver Stress & Rescue

Learn the Skills needed to handle stressful situations while diving.

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Our Locations


Our store front with inventory for your convenience, and our classroom.

Inland Scuba Inc..jpg

Inland Scuba Inc.

1557 N 800 E

Shelley, ID 83274


Pool Sessions are conducted at Club Apple. 

Each evening following classroom sessions.


Club Apple

2030 Jennie Lee Dr,

Idaho Falls, ID 83404

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