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Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

Test out your search skills at this awesome event! The grand prize will be a Scuba Regulator!

L3GEND Regulator

Dive with ease using the AquaLung L3gend, blending unmatched comfort and advanced technology for optimal underwater performance.

Escape to Fiji

Dive into luxury at our all-inclusive Fiji resort, where the azure waters teem with vibrant marine life. Experience some of the best diving in the world, surrounded by unparalleled underwater beauty.


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Scuba Diving in Southeast Idaho

Inland Scuba Inc. is the premier SSI diving center of Southeast Idaho. Based out of the Idaho Falls Area, Inland Scuba Inc. is a short drive from the mysterious Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. Inland Scuba Inc.'s location gives us access to some of the most magical dive spots west of the Mississippi. Inland Scuba Inc. was founded in 1995 with the principals of Family, Community, Safety and Fun at the core of the business. These principles still ring true in the mission of Inland Scuba Inc. Over the years Inland Scuba Inc. has given families the skills to explore the underwater world, trained and supplied local Search and Rescue/Dive Teams, organized clean ups of the areas waterways and traveled to the worlds most desirable dive sites. Today the Inland Scuba Inc. family includes some of the areas top instructors. Many of whom have helped write and implement new dive training programs with some to the world's leading dive agencies. Our instructor dive team is highly trained and motivated to share their love of diving with everyone.


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Blue Water

What Our Dive Buddies Are Saying...

"Great shop with a fantastic instructor. Kory is incredibly knowledgeable about all thing’s scuba, from gear to trips to new skills. I can't recommend inland Scuba highly enough."

- Jessie W.

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